Generative Facilitation Certification Program

Shift your Facilitation Practice to the Next Level and Join our Generative Facilitation Certification Program in Berlin! Now offered in English and German!

Registration for the next round in 2022/23 has opened. We are offering now an English and a German learning stream. Please apply via the link below:

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Leverage Your Most Important Facilitation Tool: Your Self!

Become a Certified Generative Facilitator by joining our cutting-edge GFI Certification Program. It is designed for you to become more effective in your work as facilitator, leader, or changemaker to strengthen you in successfully navigating innovation and change in times of disruption – for teams, organizations, and larger social systems across sectors.

Generative Facilitation is the Art and Mastery of facilitating groups to effectively

  • navigate intentional innovation and holistic change.
  • engage in journeys of collective discovery for actualizing their highest future potential and collective creativity.
  • co-create and develop healthy organizations and communities of excellence.
  • activate and leverage the intelligence of the head, heart and hands by nurturing curiosity, compassion and courage.

Shift your Facilitation Practice to the Next Level

Version 2Our one-year program offers you an inspiring learning environment with a highly experienced international faculty, including:

  • 5 intensive on-site learning modules.
  • Personal learning journeys.
  • Real-time prototyping and live applications.
  • Online webinars and learning resources.
  • Reflection practices and tools.
  • Peer learning and coaching sessions.
  • Personal 1:1 coaching session and feedback.
  • Special discounts saving up to 15% on many GFI courses and MasterClasses.
  • Access to a growing international learning community of Generative Facilitators.


In our Certification Program you will learn to:

  • Group_GFCP_medApply some of the best proven facilitation and innovation methodologies in order to help groups and organizations to successfully navigate innovation and change.
  • Master both the inner and outer game of facilitation by integrating the intelligence of the head, heart, and hands in facilitating deeper changes.
  • Help groups to transform old thinking, routines, and dysfunctional relationships towards collective creativity, and to unleash their generative potential to innovate and deeply connect around their shared purpose.
  • Remain open, connected and centered in your inner ground to be able to hold difficult feelings and thoughts along the way.
  • Embody an open mind, heart, and will by cultivating curiosity, compassion, and courage – in yourself and in others.
  • Help move from ego-centered systems to healthy, purposeful eco-systems that serve the wellbeing of all.
  • Sustain and anchor such deeper changes and continued learning.

Module Overview:

  • Module 1: Foundations in Generative Facilitation – Linking the Inner and Outer Game of Facilitation and Leveraging your Self as Facilitation Tool
  • Module 2:Facilitate U – Facilitating Self and Others by Integrating Head, Heart and Hands with the Larger Whole
  • Module 3: Facilitating from the Emerging Future and Prototyping the New – Embracing not Knowing, Passages of Presencing and Exploring the Future by Doing
  • Module 4: Holding Difficult Feelings and Transforming Relationships – Trajectories of Transformation for Bringing Flow to Stuck Systems
  • Module 5: Anchoring Change and Sustaining Healthy Learning Systems – Personal Mastery and Certification Process

Dates for the next GFCP in German:

  • Module 1: 27-30 Jun. 2022
  • Module 2: 10-13 Oct. 2022
  • Module 3: 24-27 Jan. 2023 (together with the English cohort, with German translation)
  • Module 4: 6-9 Mar. 2023
  • Module 5: 8-11 May 2023

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Dates for the next GFCP in English:

  • Module 1: 12-15 Sep. 2022
  • Module 2: 21-24 Nov. 2022
  • Module 3: 24-27 Jan. 2023 (together with the German cohort, with German translation)
  • Module 4: 20-23 Mar. 2022
  • Module 5: 22-25 May 2023

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Our GFI Approach

Aufbaumodul_CW_smOur GFI approach is cross-disciplinary and comprehensive and deeply rooted in a systemic understanding of change. It draws on some of the best proven facilitation and innovation methodologies, the latest insights and approaches from research, as well as old wisdom traditions. These include Theory U, Systemic Approaches, Generative Coaching, Holistic Change and Innovation Approaches (i.e. World Café, OpenSpace, Appreciative Inquiry, Design Thinking, Agile), Mindfulness and Embodiment as well as Heart and Neuro Sciences.

Learn from an inspiring and highly experienced international faculty:

Christine Wank (Founder of GFI and Facilitate U), lead facilitator
Martin Kalungu-Banda (Presencing Institute)
Holger Scholz (Kommunikationslotsen)
Frits Wilmsen (Impeccable Leadership Institute, FP&P)
Britta Mutzke (supporting visual learning facilitator)

  • Christine Wank
  • Holger Scholz
    Faculty, Wisdom Council, Partner
  • Martin Kalungu-Banda
    Faculty, Wisdom Council, Partner
  • Frits Wilmsen
    Faculty, Wisdom Council, Partner
  • Britta Mutzke
    Visual Learning Facilitator

Registration and further information

You can register by sending us your application via the following Link:
Apply now for our Program

We will send you the confirmation after carefully reviewing your application.

The Participation Fee for this Program is 5.900 EUR plus 19% VAT.

This includes:

  • 5 intensive on-site learning modules of 3,5 days each.
  • Certifcation Program Reader including handouts, methods and tools.
  • Online webinar and learning resources.
  • Welcome reception in the first module.
  • Personal journal and reflection tool.
  • Peer learning and coaching sessions.
  • Personal 1:1 coaching session and feedback by GFI faculty.
  • Certification Process with GFI faculty in the last module.
  • Discounts for GFCP Alumni saving up to 15% on certain GFI courses and MasterClasses.
  • Access to a growing international community of Generative Facilitators.

Costs for lodging, beverages and meals are excluded and will be covered by each participant. We are happy to support with further information.

There is a limited number of GFI Fellowships available.

Interested in joining this unique learning journey?

Would you like to have more information or share your questions with us?

Get in touch with our Program Director and Lead Facilitator Christine Wank or schedule a call via: