Our Programs

  • Get ready to shift your facilitation practice to the next level! This unique and cutting-edge program introduces you to how you can facilitate profound change and transformation by leveraging the intelligence of the head, heart and hands. Curious?
    Generative Facilitation Foundation Program
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  • Shift your facilitation practice to the next level and become a Certified Generative Facilitator. In this in-depth and groundbreaking curriculum you will learn how to master both the inner and outer game of facilitation and learn how to facilitate with deeper and sustainable impact. Join us now!
    Generative Facilitation Certification Program
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  • Our GFI MasterClass Series brings outstanding and inspirational pioneers, thought leaders, and practitioners in the wider field of generative facilitation to you. Check out our upcoming events here!
    Learning from the
    Master Series
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  • Learn how to design, facilitate, and embody Theory U and Presencing in practice and how to bring the New into the world! Theory U pioneer Christine Wank shares her in-depth experience both for beginners and advanced practitioners in an inspiring, experimental, and practice-oriented manner.
    Facilitate U - Theory U in Practice
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  • Would you like to explore how a personal Generative Coach can help you to unleash your full potential, creativity and impact as a facilitator, leader, changemaker, coach, and consultant? Learn more here.
    Generative Coaching for Facilitators and Leaders
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  • Join our growing community of practice and deepen your facilitation practice, nourish yourself, and spark your curiosity by learning about the latest developments in the field. Enjoy peer learning and coaching in an inspiring, compassionate, and engaging environment.
    Practitioner Circle and Learning Community Meetings
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Upcoming Events

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    Generative Facilitation Certification Program (in English) Module 1

    27-30 Sep. 2021 in BerlinLearn More
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    Facilitate U Basismodul with Christine Wank (in German)

    04-07 Oct. 2021 in BerlinLearn More
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    Facilitate U Aufbaumodul with Christine Wank (in German)

    15-17 Nov. 2021 in BerlinLearn More
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    Practitioner Circle Meeting 2021 with Christine Wank

    2-3 Dec. 2021 in BerlinLearn More