Frits Wilmsen

Faculty, Executive Coach, ILS Leadership Team, Wisdom Council, Partner

Frits is passionate about leadership and the importance and possibility of leadership development. Simply put, he is convinced that better leaders make for a better world. Together with his colleagues at FP&P, he has shaped the Impeccable Leadership (ILS) approach, a systemic model for leadership and change management that offers a method for personal development aimed at creating high performance organizations and teams. ILS aligns cognitive and somatic components to enhance embodiment and align the head, heart, and gut in order to move towards being-based leadership. Frits is an executive coach and member of the ILS Leadership Team of our GFI and acts as chairman of the Foundation for Impeccable Leadership. He enjoys grasping the finesses of the principles, function, and meaning of leadership which are recently captured in his book “Impeccable Leadership” co-authored with Nienke Schaeffer. Frits is also a member of our GFI faculty and Wisdom Council.