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The MasterClass Series brings outstanding and inspirational pioneers, thought leaders, and practitioners in the wider field of generative facilitation to you. The MasterClasses offer a unique learning experience to deepen and nourish your facilitation practice and to learn from latest insights and practices in generative facilitation. Moreover, they give you a chance to engage in a deep dialogue with the best in the field and with your fellow practitioners.

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MasterClass with Arawana Hayashi (Presencing Institute)
22 – 25 October, 2017 in Berlin

Embodied Facilitation and Presence for Social Change

Arawana’s pioneering work as a choreographer, performer and educator is deeply sourced in collaborative improvisation. She combines mindfulness, embodiment, and awareness practices with facilitating social change. Currently she heads the creation of Social Presencing Theater (SPT) for the Presencing Institute. Working with Otto Scharmer, Peter Senge and other colleagues at the Presencing Institute, she brings her background in the arts, meditation and social justice to creating “social presencing” that makes visible both current reality and emerging future possibilities.

In this MasterClass you will deepen your inner ground for a more embodied facilitation and strengthen key capacities such as:

  • Integrating the intelligence of the head, heart and hands in your work.
  • Seeing and acting from the field and larger whole (field- and awareness-based facilitation).
  • Embracing and leveraging “not knowing” as a competence in facilitating generative change and innovation.
  • Transforming stuckness into flow in Self and social systems.
  • Strengthening your own inner ground and connecting with the deeper purpose in your work.
  • Learning how to embody an emerging future for yourself and in working with groups (presencing).
  • Nurturing and tuning yourself as your most effective facilitation tool.

MasterClass with Stephen Gilligan (IAGC)
29 January – 1 February, 2018 in Berlin

Master Your Inner Game of Facilitation and Unleash Your Generativity

Stephen Gilligan has been one of the pioneers in bringing forward a new generation of generative change work that focuses on how to use yourself as most effective tool for transformational change. With over 30 years of in-depth experience, he helps people to activate their full creativity and achieve extraordinary performance in work and life. He does so by integrating mindfulness and somatic-based consciousness with systemic work.

In this MasterClass you will learn how to master your inner game to become more effective in the outer game such as to:

  • Unleash creativity in yourself and in your work with groups.
  • Improve the quality of your presence and awareness.
  • Stay open and connected even when the times get rough.
  • Transform obstacles into opportunities for yourself and others.
  • Strengthen your inner ground to hold difficult thoughts and feelings along the way.
  • Connect with your deeper intention of what you want to create in your life and activate the necessary resources to get there.
  • Crafting and sustaining generative relationships – both with yourself and others.
  • Leverage the wisdom of the learning community on how to best facilitate profound change and innovation in groups.

MasterClass with Holger Scholz (Kommunikationslotsen, bikablo® akademie, EUVIZ®) and Christine Wank(GFI)
09 – 12 July, 2018 in Berlin

Visual Process Facilitation

More information and registration coming soon!

MasterClass with Frits Wilmsen (Impeccable Leadership Institute)
12 – 15 November, 2018 in Berlin

Transformational Process Model for Real-time Breakthroughs in Facilitation

More information and registration coming soon!