Generative Facilitation Certification Program

Generative Facilitation Certification Program 2018/19 in Berlin

Registration opens soon!

Become a Certified Generative Facilitator by joining this cutting-edge one-year program, including:

  • 5 intensive on-site learning modules.
  • Personal learning journeys.
  • Online webinars and learning resources.
  • Reflection practices and tools.
  • Peer learning and coaching sessions.
  • Personal 1:1 coaching session and feedback.

Mark the dates:

  • Module 1 | 11–14 Jun. 2018
    Foundations in Generative Facilitation – Linking the Inner and Outer Game of Facilitation and Leveraging your Self as Facilitation Tool
  • Module 2 | 24–27 Sep. 2018
    Facilitate U – Facilitating Self and Others by Integrating Head, Heart and Hands with the Larger Whole
  • Module 3 | 03-06 Dec. 2018
    Facilitating from the Emerging Future and Prototyping the New – Embracing not Knowing, Passages of Presencing and Exploring the Future by Doing
  • Module 4 | 18-21 Feb. 2019
    Holding Difficult Feelings and Transforming Relationships – Trajectories of Transformation for Bringing Flow to Stuck Systems
  • Module 5 | 01-04 Apr. 2019
    Anchoring Change and Sustaining Healthy Learning Systems – Personal Mastery and Certification Process

Learn from an inspiring and highly experienced international faculty:

Christine Wank (Founder of GFI and Facilitate U), lead facilitator
Martin Kalungu-Banda (Presencing Institute)
Holger Scholz (Kommunikationslotsen)
Frits Wilmsen (Impeccable Leadership Institute, FP&P)
Britta Mutzke (supporting visual learning facilitator)

  • Christine Wank
  • Holger Scholz
    Faculty, Wisdom Council, Partner
  • Martin Kalungu-Banda
    Faculty, Wisdom Council, Partner
  • Frits Wilmsen
    Faculty, Wisdom Council, Partner
  • Britta Mutzke
    Visual Learning Facilitator

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